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Behind the Scenes – June 2018

Behind the Scenes is a close up look at the life of a working artist, and what Jodi is up to on any given day. 

This week has been an intense glass accumulating week, some are like that, and those weeks are awesome.  A longtime friend Sue brought me her entire vintage stained glass stash, it looks like most of it is from a sign or lamp company originally, lots of large triangle pieces in interesting textures and colors.  Love that, thank you Sue!  I’ll be sharing these with another friend that does stained glass.  I love our little glass world.

I also found the mother lode at a yard sale, this entire stack is vaseline glass, it’s tinted that amazing (and very unique) green by uranium.  And yes, they do give of detectable radiation, and yes, I do own a geiger counter.  They also fluoresce under black light, how cool is that!  These will NOT be fused, so stay calm. Continue reading Behind the Scenes – June 2018

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Creativity in Focus Podcasts

Recently I was given an opportunity to channel my inner talk show host and interview two different talented artists for the Creativity in Focus Podcast.

Jodi McRaney Rusho chatting with Jan Harris Smith about glass art and silversmithing.

and Jodi McRaney Rusho chatting with Cheryl Peterson about stained glass art, life, pets and patina.



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Studio Updates September 2017

This week has been interesting to say the least.  Lots of projects and world events happening at the same time.  All of us here at Glass With a Past (including the felines) have been watching the fires in the west and the storms in the south with heavy hearts.  For all of our friends and glass family in those areas, please know we are thinking of you, and please do whatever you need to stay safe!  For glass friends and family in less threatened areas, please consider supporting one of the many non profit aid agencies (of your choice) that can help our fellow artists and citizens recover.  I like CERF+, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, to help artists and crafts people recover from emergencies and disasters.

Some of the glassy things happening around here lately: Continue reading Studio Updates September 2017

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Studio Updates

Fused Glass Flamingo

We have been having so much fun in the studio lately, I thought I would share some of the cool things with you.

I taught an online fusing class called Fusing for the Holidays, it was designed for artists who are or want to sell their work to give you ideas about projects and pricing.  We ended up doing 30+ projects.  Here is a sneak peek if you missed it.  The class is now available on demand for a small fee. (all of the patterns are included, if you needed a reason to buy the class!)

I made a super cute Fuse and Fold Flamingo

Fused Glass FlamingoAnd found the coolest glass vase ever at the thrift store.  Don’t worry, I’m not melting it!


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Monday Q & A, April 24, 2017

Bottles for fusing

Today I’m answering reader questions that came in via email.  All personal information has been removed for privacy reasons.  If you have a question that you must, simply must have an answer to, send it on over via the About/Contact page.


Q:   I purchased your Recycled Glass Garden Art class this weekend. Love it so far! (Haven’t completed it yet).

You were talking about the Rock Polishing Grit and said you would put in the notes for the class where you purchase yours. I don’t have access to those notes, since I didn’t watch the free class. Can you please tell me where you purchase?
Thank you. So glad you are doing these classes online. LOVE them!!!

Continue reading Monday Q & A, April 24, 2017

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Jewelry Broadcast and other news

Last week was a whirlwind in the studio, I did an intensive recycled glass jewelry broadcast class, and what seemed like a million other things.  Here are some of the highlights:

Trying to look serious in our safety gear. Take Safety Seriously!
Props of choice, mine is always coffee!
My awesome host Nashlah, we have so much fun together!
Beautiful Paola modeling a necklace we made in class.

The class is now available as an on demand video if anyone is interested in catching up with that.  Next free online broadcast is April 17-19, Recycled Glass Garden Art.


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Stegosaurus, Reindeer and a Show

fused glass stegosaurus

The season is picking up and becoming hectic, right on schedule.  Sometime I think the holidays are the most stressful time of the year for artists, trying to make gifts for everyone else, and get your own gift purchasing done!

This week I was happy to be a last minute inclusion in a boutique and fundraiser for the Animal Advocacy Foundation that was organized by Purring Buddha.  What a wonderful group of vendors and customers!  The animal rescue community has the biggest hearts indeed.  Here are some of the photo highlights of the boutique: Continue reading Stegosaurus, Reindeer and a Show